Departments at Candler County Hospital

Welcome to Candler County Hospital. Thank you for choosing your local hospital for your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you and your family. Our staff is composed of dedicated, compassionate people who are committed to our mission to be the community’s preferred choice for healthcare services. Our vision is to help the people of Candler County and surrounding areas live healthier and happier lives.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission and vision by partnering with you in your care.


Phone:  912-685-1772

Karen O'Neal, CEO

Jerry Pickett, CFO

Linda Coleman, CNO

Marilyn Collins, Administrative Assistant

Education and Performance Improvement

Phone:  912-685-1731

Martha S. Anders, MSN, RN, Director of Education and Performance Improvement

Emergency Department

Phone:  912-685-1727

Linda Coleman, RN, Emergency Department Manager

Human Resources

Phone:  912-685-1718

Kim Anthony

Human Resource Manager

Infection Control

Phone:  912-685-1712

Maggie Brinson, RN, Infection Practitioner, Employee Health & Education

Inpatient Care

Phone:  912-685-1735

Linda Coleman, RN, Inpatient Manager

Intensive Care Unit

Phone:  912-685-1120

Linda Coleman, RN, Intensive Care Unit Manager


Phone:  912-685-1103

Jennifer Smith, Assistant Laboratory Director


Medical Records

Phone:  912-685-1751

Georgia Perry, CCS, CPC, COC, Medical Records Manager

Medical Staff Services

Phone:  N/A

Hospital Chief of Staff, Dr. MaryKay McMahan

Nutrition Services

Phone:  912-685-1798

Pam Thompson, RDN, LD, NHA, Dietitian


Phone:  912-685-1228

Cheryl Allen, RPh, Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacist

Public Relations

Phone:  478-494-1604

Marty Ray, Public Relations

Quality & Risk Management

Quality Management

Phone:  912-685-1731

Gail Thornton, RN, Quality Manager

Risk Management

Phone:  912-685-1714

Maggie Brinson, Risk Manager

Radiology & Imaging

Phone:  912-685-1713

Kelly Morris, RT ( R ), CNMT, Radiology Manager

Registration & Billing

Phone:  912-685-1783  

Linda Kelly, MA, PAS, PAC, Registration Supervisor

Mark Canady, Director of Business Office


Phone:  912-685-1713

Kelly Morris, RT ( R ), CNMT, Respiratory Manager

Case Management

Phone:  912-685-1799

Ashley Burke, Social Services


Social Services

Kym Bowman, Swing Bed Coordinator

Phone:  912-685-1151